Absentia Director Mike Flanagan Enters the Found Footage Arena with Scare Dares

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It’s hard to believe that Mike Flanagan made his freaky supernatural shocker “Absentia” on an estimated $70,000 budget. That’s pretty insane. What’s more, it should prove to filmmakers everywhere that you don’t need an enormous budget to deliver strong characters, an eerie atmosphere, and plenty of scares. Phase 4 Films released the aforementioned chiller on various home video formats earlier this year, so find one that suits your lifestyle and get to watching. Now!

For his next flick, Flanagan is entering the impossibly saturated “found footage” market with “Scare Dares”, a movie that involves a dangerous smartphone app that sends curious parties to various haunted locations throughout California. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take long for a group of individuals to stumble across an area that proves deadly. Expect some sort of an app tie-in when the film starts making the rounds. From a marketing standpoint, it’s genius.

Here’s a strong synopsis, courtesy of Variety:

[Scare Dares] centers on a smartphone app that leads users to known areas of paranormal phenomena in central California. Things go wrong when a group of estranged friends kick off a reunion weekend by visiting ghostly hotspots and engaging in occult dares.

Courtney Bell, Katie Parker, Justin Gordon, and Morgan Peter Brown, all of whom helped make “Absentia” so memorable, are counted amongst the cast.

Shooting begins later this year.

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Author: Todd Rigney

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