Act of Valor Director Has Line of Sight

Mike “Mouse” McCoy and Scott Waugh on the set of Act of Valor (2011) Movie ImageMike “Mouse” McCoy, one half of the Bandido Brothers that gave us the thrilling “Act of Valor” war movie, is in talks to go solo on “Line of Sight”, a high-tech first-person (found footage, if you will) military actioner based on a script by F. Scott Frazier.

“Line of Sight” follows “an elite commando squad transporting cargo while dealing with a global threat”. The entire film will be shot from the perspective of cameras mounted on the soldiers and from other angles, similar to Josh Trank’s “Chronicle”. I guess, as with “Chronicle”, someone took all that footage and assembled them into a coherent narrative for our viewing pleasure. (I know, who would do that, right? Hey, it’s a movie conceit. Just go with it.)

So yeah, it’s basically a live-action “Call of Duty” movie for those of you who have been waiting for something like it.

Ben Affleck was apparently previously attached to direct, but has moved on. Which is just as well, since McCoy, after his work on “Act of Valor”, was a no-brainer to direct. Hopefully he’ll have better actors to work with this time around, cause as “real” as “Act of Valor” felt, it was, uh, lacking in other areas, unfortunately.

McCoy would direct for Warner Bros. and producers Joel Silver and Andrew Rona.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Game

Via : THR