Act of Valor Sequel Will Focus on SWAT

Act of Valor (2012) Movie Image

The first “Act of Valor” movie in 2012 made a cool $81 million worldwide, from a $12 million budget that the producers/directors of the film, the awesomely named Bandito Brothers (Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh), raised themselves. The film was notable for its gritty, realistic portrait of Navy SEALs and how they work, play, and, well, kill.

Why was it so realistic? Because the main cast were made up entirely of real, active duty Navy SEALs, which was why the film took years to make, since the “actors” kept having to, well, go to work saving the world. And it also explains the film’s, at times, stilted acting.

There’s no word if the sequel to “Act of Valor” will feature similar authenticity, but we do know that the topic will now be SWAT cops instead of Navy SEALs. Also, Scott Wiper has been attached by Relativity and the producers to write and direct the film.

Wiper is probably most known for directing the WWE movies “The Condemned” and more recently, the latest “The Marine” installment, “Homefront”.

Like the first “Act of Valor”, we’re told that the sequel will feature “R-rated gritty action”.

Via : Deadline