Action-Packed Trailer for the French Crime Film Sleepless Night

Tomer Sisley in Sleepless Night (2011) Movie Image

Frédéric Jardin’s “Sleepless Night” recently played Fantastic Fest down in Austin, and proved so popular on the festival circuit that it’s already been tagged as an upcoming Hollywood remake by Warner Bros. with the notorious Roy Lee producing. Now here’s what all the hoopla is about. Sure, you probably don’t understand a damn thing that anyone’s saying in this French trailer, but that’s why we have this handy little synopsis courtesy of Fantastic Fest:

Two criminals surgically strike, quickly blockading a car to extract a black bag full of drugs from the trunk. All goes perfectly according to plan until one of the couriers makes a break for it, escaping the scene after catching a glimpse of one of the attackers. The next shot opens with our two attackers on duty at the police station. Apparently a cops wages aren’t enough to make ends meet, and Vincent and Yilmaz have devised a scheme to utilize police intelligence reports to target and then rob from Paris’s drug kingpins. Unfortunately now that kingpin knows the score. He wants his gigantic bag of coke back, or Vincent’s son will be killed.

In short — dirty cop’s son is taken, dirty cop goes to a nightclub to take him back. Much shooting, fighting, and bloodletting ensue. Basically, a great French crime film that, shockingly enough, DOESN’T star Jean Reno. Who would have thunk it?

The film stars Tomer Sisley, Joey Starr and Julien Boisselier.