Adam Berg to Direct Videodrome Remake

Videodrome (1983) Movie PosterApparently Universal has been developing a remake of David Cronenberg’s 1983 conspiracy thriller “Videodrome” for a while now, with “Transformers” writer Ehren Kruger adapting and producing. Well of course they are. These days, the surprise isn’t that a studio is remaking a cult favorite, it’s when they’re not. Obviously, as a result, I haven’t been surprised very often these days, which is a crying shame, but what’re you gonna do, right?

Back to our news: Universal has now set commercial director Adam Berg to helm the movie as his feature film debut.

The original starred James Woods (along with Sonja Smits and singer Deborah Harry) as the head of a cable station in Canada who stumbles across a broadcast signal featuring extreme violence and torture. Our hero thinks it’s all fake, but eventually learns the truth and finds himself in the middle of a mind control conspiracy that may just cause him his life.

For the remake, Kruger and company plan to “modernize the concept, infusing it with the possibilities of nano-technology and blow it up into a large-scale sci-fi action thriller.” Gee, I hope that “large-scale sci-fi” angle doesn’t involve a secret alien conspiracy to enslave mankind ala “They Live”. I’m just saying, the temptation must be there to go in that direction, right?

In any case, here’s a trailer for the original if you’ve never seen it:

Via : Deadline