Adam Brody is The Flash in the JLA Movie

The Justice League of America movie may be happening or it may not be happening, but either way, The Flash (aka smart-alecky Wally West) has been cast, with former The OC actor Adam Brody slipping on the scarlet speedster’s yellow boots. Or at least that’s according to The L.A. Times via MTV. Word is, the Powers That Be won’t confirm the casting, but only because they want to announce the entire line-up at once, and they haven’t cast everyone yet.

Brody joins Aussie supermodel Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, someone name Armie Hammer as Batman, and, if rumors are to be believed, Scott Porter as Superman.


27-year-old Adam Brody is going from the Land of Women to the Hall of Justice, as the former television star has closed negotiations to play The Flash in George Miller’s “Justice League of America” movie, the “LA Times” reports. The version of the Flash seen in “JLA” will be Wally West, nephew to original Flash Barry Allen, whose death is rumored to open the upcoming flick.

When contacted for comment by MTV, a Warner Brothers representative echoed statements made earlier to The Times, saying that the film hasn’t yet even been greenlit.

Like I said, folks, it’s not the Justice League of America, it’s the Justice League of Beverly Hills 90210. I haven’t completely given this movie up for dead, but I have given it up for kitsch and Happy Meal fodder.

Adam Brody is The Flash in the JLA Movie