Adam Brody (Kinda) Spills on the Justice League Disaster

Adam Brody (pictured, left) is confused. About everything. He doesn’t know what happened to the Justice League movie (“a tax credit thing”) or if it’ll still happen (“I truly don’t know any more than you guys do”). In fact, the only thing Adam Brody knows is that he’s no longer shooting George Miller’s ill-fated Justice League movie, and that the only thing on his mind right now is Megan Fox’s body on “Jennifer’s Body”.

Here’s Brody’s comments about the JLA movie from SuperheroHype:

“I probably shouldn’t be commenting on this, but who cares?” he said when asked about what happened to the Warner Bros. project that has George Miller attached to direct. ” I don’t totally know, I know there was a tax credit thing and I know that the initial writers strike was a hindrance. I know they’ve got Batman coming out and Singer wants another Superman – this is only speculation on my part, no inside knowledge on this – but as a fan I can understand how there’s controversy whether to try and build those, or building the franchise together. I think between the tax credit and I think… I think maybe it’ll still happen. I truly don’t know any more than you guys do.”

He also mentions that the only other superhero movie he’d want to do is Spider-Man. Hey, Adam, as long as you and everyone else currently attached to the JLA movie steers clear of it, we’ll be buddies for life, buddy.

Meanwhile, over at IGN, there’s another interview with Brody about the fate of the JLA movie:

He admitted that he didn’t even know the status of the project, but said that the production was surprisingly unrestrained in terms of revealing – or at least not hiding – details about the characters and script.

“I don’t know what’s going on with it. Do you?” he joked. “That was an interesting process, and I was always – I always felt so excited, like ‘I got the part! Now they’re going to take me to the secret bunker in Warner Brothers and debrief us, so nobody can talk about [anything]. It’s going to be so official.’ But it sort of wasn’t, and it didn’t feel official, like stuff leaked out, and we’re doing stuff like this but we’re not supposed to talk about what’s going on.”

As for The Flash movie? It’s Ryan Reynolds are bust as far as I’m concern.

Adam Brody