Adam Mason’s Junkie Gets Hooked on Home Video This November

Junkie (2012) Movie Image

Director Adam Mason’s dark comedy “Junkie” was recently acquired by the boys and girls at Indiecan Entertainment. With a little assistance from FilmBuff, the movie will soon be available on a variety of different platforms. This is definitely good news for those of you who love savagely humorous films about drug addiction.

Although I didn’t love his 2007 flick “The Devil’s Chair,” I really thought Mason’s 2010 endeavor “Pig” was entertaining. Since the guy is hit and miss in my book, “Junkie” could go either way. At least it stars Robert LaSardo. That dude is a beast.

Here’s the official synopsis if you’re curious about such things:

Co-written by Mason and Simon Boyes, this twisted darkly comedic tale of out-of-control addiction stars Daniel Louis Rivas as a man trying to go clean, and Robert LaSardo as his psychotic brother, who will do anything to stand in his way. Also starring Andrew Howard, Tomas Boykin and Tess Panzer.

“Junkie” also stars Daniel Louis Rivas, Tess Panzer, Tomas Boykin, Andrew Howard, Caroline Guivarch, and Ian Duncan. The film arrives on DVD, Blu-ray, and various digital formats on November 12. The new trailer for the dark comedy lies below.

Via : Twitch