Adam McKay Really, Really is in Talks to Direct The Boys

What is the deal with all these comedians wanting to take their shot at big-time superhero movies? First it was Seth Rogen with “The Green Hornet” (the more I see the trailer for “GH”, the more I feel vindicated for bashing it all those months leading up to the trailer premiere), and now funnyman Adam McKay really is in negotiations to direct Garth Ennis’s uber violent superhero tale “The Boys”.

Collider says that McKay is in “serious talks” with Sony to direct “The Boys”, though no offers have been made at this point.

McKay cut his teeth on “Saturday Night Live” skits before moving up to feature film directing. He did “Anchorman”, “Talladega Nights”, “Step Brothers”, and has “The Other Guys” coming up. All four movies star Will Ferrell, and all are comedies. “The Other Guys” is the only movie that even comes close to the violence of “The Boys”, and from what I’ve seen of the trailer, it’s still not even close. So yeah, if McKay does get the gig, he’ll be stretching it quite a bit.

Then again, let me remind you this is Sony, the same geniuses who gave Rogen “The Green Hornet”, and gave the “21 Jump Street” franchise to the fat kid from “Superbad”. So you know, this is probably a done deal. Cry for “The Boys” if you’re a fan, kids.

Happy reunions are not the order of the day in 'The Boys'.