Adam Scott Will Come To Your House If You Didn’t Like Piranha 3D

I thought “Piranha 3D” was awesome. It’s one of the most purely entertaining movies I’ve seen in a long time. Star Adam Scott feels the same way. On Thursday Scott wrote about it on Twitter.

Seriously. If you feel ripped off I will come to your house and act out my scenes for you and your friends. U provide shotgun and fish.

Vanity Fair was intrigued by Scott’s offer, and took it upon themselves to call him and confirm the details of his proposal.

I really don’t think it will be necessary, since I can’t imagine one not being satisfied with Piranha 3-D, but just in case, yes of course I will be there. Few things: Will need the aforementioned firearm and fish. Will also need local Elisabeth Shue look-alike to run dialogue with, a plaid shirt, two high-fives (one before we run the scenes, one after), peanut M&M’s, a map with the closest Red Roof Inn circled on it (I won’t be staying there, I just like knowing where it is. I’ll be staying with you), a 700-word essay on why you neglected to recognize that Piranha 3-D totally fucking shreds, Perrier, a quick guitar lesson, one grenade, dinner with your family, and directions to the airport.

So if you want Adam Scott to come to your house for a “Piranha 3D” reenactment, there are some stipulations, but that shouldn’t surprise you, he’s an actor after all. And as far as crazy riders and clauses go, his aren’t so outlandish. If you didn’t like the movie, and you want Adam Scott to come to your house, get to work.