Add Channing Tatum, Ryan Phillippe, and Keira Knightley to the Captain America Sweepstakes

You can add Channing Tatum to the list of Hollywood actors testing for Marvel’s Captain America, and Keira Knightley to the much shorter list of actresses in line to play Captain’s homegrown sweetheart Betsy Ross. Knightley is said to have been “approached” for the Ross role, while Tatum (“G.I. Joe”) joins other Captain wannabes like Mike Vogel and Chris Evans anxious to swing the shield for Marvel.

Tatum’s interest is nothing new. He mentioned that he would love to play Captain America last year. In that article, I mentioned that he would be a good fit — physically, anyway. As an actor, Tatum leaves a lot to be desired, and who knows if he can bulk down enough to play Steve Rogers pre-super soldier serum.

Over at MTV, Ryan Phillippe confirms that he’s met with Marvel about playing Steve Rogers. I can’t see Phillippe as Captain America, but then again, I couldn’t see him as a gun-packing badass before “The Way of the Gun” either, and he changed my mind after that movie.

Joe Johnston will direct the movie for Marvel, who has already cast Captain America’s archnemesis the Red Skull.

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