Add Chris Evans to the big list of Potential Captain Americas

As previously posted, there are a lot of names from the world of TV and elsewhere auditioning for the role of a lifetime — Steve Rogers in Marvel Studio’s “Captain America” movie. But one name I haven’t heard before until now is Chris Evans (left), of “The Fantastic Four” and the upcoming “The Losers”. I’ve always thought Evans makes a good superhero, and honestly, he was the best thing about both “Fantastic Four” movies. And if you haven’t seen him as a psychic with “X-Men” like powers in “Push”, give it a shot.

According to THR, Evans has indeed read for Captain America. As well, you can add Wilson Bethel from HBO’s “Generation Kill” to the list of potential super soldier candidates. Actors still in the running include Mike Vogel, John Krasinski, and Chace Crawford. Former candidates Michael Cassidy and Scott Porter are out, with Porter heading back to TV with “Nomads”, and Cassidy recently tweeting that he’s out of the running.

Word is, Marvel is very keen on getting “Tron: Legacy’s” Garrett Hedlund to audition, though he hasn’t made any efforts to do so as far as anyone knows. And frankly, I don’t see what the love affair with Hedlund is. I’ve seen the new “Tron” trailer where Hedlund is shown extensively, and he doesn’t exactly leap off the screen.

But Chris Evans as Steve Rogers? I can definitely see it. He’s certainly got the look and the build, though the smartass personality that he’s usually known for in his movies might hinder his chances. Captain America is a lot of things, but smartass is not one of his traits. Then again, that’s why they call it acting, right?

I am definitely NOT a smart ass.