Add Leonardo DiCaprio to Tarantino’s Bastards

At the rate he’s going, Quentin Tarantino seems to be on a quest to get every A-list American male in Hollywood to join the cast of his upcoming World War II Guys on a Mission redo of “Inglorious Bastards”. He’s already mentioned that he wants Bruce Willis on the payroll (and Willis would probably say yes, having worked with Tarantino previously on “Pulp Fiction”), and he recently flew all the way to France just to talk Brad Pitt into signing up. Now Variety is saying that QT has eyes for Leonardo DiCaprio as well. Seriously, how much is this movie going to cost? Unless all these big stars show up for back-end deals, this might be QT’s most expensive movie EVER.

Variety has the nitty gritty:

After the director met Brad Pitt in France on Tuesday, those studios are already salivating over the expectation that Tarantino will land Pitt to play the key role of Aldo Raine. They’ll be even keener if Tarantino’s plan to meet Leonardo DiCaprio for another lead role goes well Thursday. Tarantino wants DiCaprio to play the role of Hans Landa.

Several studios said the script is vintage Tarantino and they’re eager to be in business with him at a reasonable price. DiCaprio and Pitt would be appearing in a Tarantino-helmed project for the first time, though Pitt previously spoke Tarantino-scripted dialogue in a small but memorable stoner turn in the Tony Scott-directed “True Romance.”

Pitt, Willis, and DiCaprio in the same movie? It’ll be like “Ocean’s 11” through “13”, minus the Ocean, the numbers, and George Clooney. Hey, Pitt and DiCaprio can get together on the set and talk about saving the world and junk. That, and banging hot chicks.

Quentin Tarantino