Adkins? Van Damme? Lundgren? Universal Soldier 4? What?!

If that headline doesn’t get your blood pumping, then I suppose you should stop reading this article right now. Since I’m not an avid Twitter user — I have an account, but one glance will tell you how many times I’ve used it recently — I have to rely on the keen observations of others when someone makes an announcement via this strange and unusual social networking site. Apparently action guru Scott Adkins posted something intriguing as of late regarding the status of “Universal Soldier 4”, and I gotta admit, it’s pretty damned cool. Assuming, of course, you’re a fan of Scott Adkins.

Prepare yourselves:

Getting on a plane to go and make Universal Soldier 4 with Dolph & JC.

Two words: Hell. Yes. Although a handful of people tend to strongly disagree with me on the subject, I happen to think that “Universal Soldier: Regeneration” is a pretty badass movie. It’s a little goofy, yes, but director John Hyams delivers a competently-crafted genre flick that didn’t shy away from an copious amounts of outrageous action. The idea of another installment, especially one that involves Scott Adkins, should excite just about anyone who gets a kick out this decidedly underrated series. Bring it on, I say.

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