Adrianne Palicki on Red Dawn Remake, Scott Stewart Talks Legion Trilogy

Okay, not really all that much “news” in this posting, but it has an interview with Adrianne Palicki, who was recently at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention in San Diego over the weekend, where she talked about her two upcoming movies, “Legion” and “Red Dawn”. When it comes to “Red Dawn”, the “Friday Night Lights” hottie calls it a “re-imagining” instead of a remake, and promises even more action than in the original movie.

“It’s more of a re-imagining rather than a remake, I guess you would say. We have different enemies, and there’s even more action.

“You’ll see a lot more action, a lot more great stunts, and it’s very tense. It’s a very timely movie in the world today.”

Palicki will be playing Jennifer Grey’s role in the original. She co-stars in the remake — er, I mean, re-imagining — with Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, and Matt Gerard. Former DP man Dan Bradley will be orchestrating the mayhem, this time against the invading Chinese hordes.

As to Palicki’s other movie, “Legion”, in which she plays a pregnant waitress whose unborn son is the target of assassination by a legion of God’s angels, the film’s director Scott Stewart, also at the SF Con over the weekend, reveals his plans for a “Legion” trilogy.

“I have two other films in mind after Legion. Yeah, we talked about it, and I have mapped out two other very different kinds of movies.

“Of course, it’s too early to say how if it will happen, but I want to do something different and change the genre quite a bit, like James Cameron does with his sequels.

“I can see this as a three-part story, and the next part would be a very broad kind of movie. I would open up the next movie [with the Legion] characters, and make it more accessible to a bigger audience. That is my goal.”

Obviously the ability for Stewart to make a “Legion 2” and “Legion 3” depends entirely on how “Legion” performs at the box office when it opens later this month. The fact is, even if the film makes a little bit of money, we could still potentially see a sequel or two go direct-to-DVD. Which would suck, but hey, I’d rather have more “Legion” than none at all.

Well, someone's all packed for the Legion sequels.