Adrianne Palicki Would have EVENTUALLY Worn those Star Spangled Shorts…


If this shot from the not-gonna-happen TV show’s sets is any indication. The picture was tweeted by one Christopher Cooley (h/t Bleeding Cool) who captions the pic:

Adrianne Palicki’s Full Wonder Woman costume revealed! (the lynda carter booty shorts version)

As you can see, Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman would have eventually ditched those cotton/whatever leggings we’ve seen her wearing in all the set pictures, and slip on her, er, iconic shorts.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing this on the airwaves anytime soon, since NBC has passed on the David E. Kelley show.

Author: Nix

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  • 11 11

    This is a poorly made costume. Really, really bad and her legs look a bit short. The belt is so big! Looks like they got it out of a Fisher Price box at Toys R Us.

  • Fire_heart20

    I hate peoples big mouthes…i like her and just like smallville it would have to build up

    • Juggernaut

      I see what you’re saying but there is one big difference between Smallville and this show, Smallville starred the most recognizable and celebrated comic book characters of all time. That and Smallville centered on Clark becoming Superman for ten seasons. There is a different dynamic with the two characters. I don’t believe that people would watch one season of Diana trying to become Wonder Woman, let alone ten! It needed to be a well done production with a great premise straight out of the gate for it ti work. Comic fans would have watched it, sure. But for the TV watching audience they would most likely pass. It would suffer the same fate as Birds Of Prey. Honestly I don’t think that TV is ready for a live action series about a costumed hero. Smallville just started introducing costumes and alter egos in its last three seasons. For the most part it was a guy, dressed normally doing amazing things. THe live action Justice League, Flash, Birds Of Prey all failed. I hope that DC decides to go feature film route with WW, I really think that Wonder Woman can be done as a film and work.

  • Lexavi80

    According the script the story had drastic changes on the WW cannon. That, the changes in the custom, and Adrianne lack of “Amazon Physicality” doomed the show. Not a fault of the main actress but the creators and producers.

    • Juggernaut

      Exactly! The character has been around for 70 years why fix it if it aint broke. Sure, there would need to be some alterations to make it work in a “real world” setting but not drastically re-invent the character.

  • Danmillion99

    Still looks stupid, glad this isn’t getting any air time!