After 31 Years, Miramax Films is No More

Although it comes to no surprise to those who have followed the slow decline of the company over the past few years, The Wrap is reporting today that Miramax Films, founded by The Brothers Weinstein three decades ago, will cease to exist on Thursday. In the process, close to 80 employees will lose their jobs, and a handful of movies will more than likely never receive a proper theatrical release. According to the article, The Weinsteins have made several attempts to buy the name back from Disney, who, to be quite frank, are being giant corporate pricks about the whole thing. Their asking price: $1.5 billion. Yikes. Considering that Genius Entertainment isn’t exactly rolling the dough, I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon. Then again, I could be wrong.

Still, it’s kind of sad to see the company sink into the proverbial abyss. Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” and Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” helped introduce me to the incredible world of the arthouse motion picture, and played an integral role in developing my undying love for film. That and “Spike, Mike, Slackers, and Dykes.” Word.

As a tribute, check out the self-congratulatory clip below. Miramax, you will be missed.