Agents of SHIELD Gets a Full Season Pick-Up


I’m not sure if this is really a surprise, but for those of you worrying, then you can stop now, because ABC has handed the Joss Whedon show a full first season order, which means the agents of “Agents of SHIELD” will be doing more work for a full 22-episode first season.

With ABC having so much invested in the show, along with their movie mates over at Disney/Marvel, you would think a full season was always in the cards, even if the show completely failed to capture an audience, which it has not. Although ratings for the second and third episode have dipped since the premiere, it was expected, and the show seems to be holding on. A full season can only help it find its groove.

I personally anticipate that ABC will give the show a second season as long as “Agents of SHIELD” doesn’t completely start tanking in the ratings during its remaining 19 episodes. The network and studio simply have too much invested in this show, and what it would mean for future Marvel collaborations down the road, both on TV and on the big screen. Right now, it’s less a stand-alone show, and just a part of a much bigger picture.

Working in “SHIELD’s” favor is that it is the #1 new show among the advertiser-favored 18-49 demo group, and its numbers swell quite a bit when you factor in all other viewing venues like DVR and streaming. Of course, the real ad dollars that are important are the live ones, so if you’re a fan, you might want to start watching this show live.

Of course, network TV being what it is, who the hell knows what bright ideas some suit might come up with. After all, they did cancel “Firefly”, so…

Here’s a Preview of Next Week’s “Agents of SHIELD” Episode

Via : TVLine