Ah! More Clowns! First Images from Conor McMahon’s Horror Flick Will Leave You in Stitches!

Damn clowns. They’re everywhere right now. A few weeks go by, another movie centered around these colorful monstrosities seems to pop, each one more sinister-looking than the last. I’m sure this bubble will soon burst — I mean, how many clown movies can you have in one year? — but until then, I’ll watch as many as I can until my brain shuts down. Conor McMahon’s upcoming horror/comedy “Stitches” is showing promise; the character design is stronger than most, and the missing eye is downright freaky.

Have a look at this synopsis if you’re curious:

Richard ”Stitches” Grindle, a jaded workaday kids’ birthday clown, whose one-liners are witty in a way that’s just not for kids. He falls victim to a fatal party mishahp at the hands of a group of particularly nasty children. Years later, the group of now teenagers attend a party at which Stitches is the uninvited guest of honor, returning to avenge his untimely death.

The flick, which stars Ross Noble and Tommy Knight, is set to screen at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. After that, who knows? Like I said, I’ll ride this clown wave until it beaches me like the bloated whale I am. Hopefully “Stitches” will be available for consumption before that happens. My fingers and toes are crossed so hard I’m getting cramps.

Via : Bloody Disgusting