Albert Hughes Confirms Akira Will be PG-13 and a Two-Parter

It wasn’t that long ago that “Book of Eli” director Albert Hughes, along with his brother Allan, were attached to direct Warner Bros.’ live-action take on the popular Japanese manga and subsequent anime “Akira”, both by Katsuhiro Ôtomo. In a recent interview, Hughes has confirmed that Warner is looking at (nay, they are demanding) that the film be PG-13, and a two-parter.

In the interview, Hughes seems resigned to the PG-13 part, though isn’t too sure about the two-parter, well, part. He also adds that he wants to “simplify” the story for the audience, though what that means is anybody’s guess. Dumbing down, perhaps? They are going PG-13, after all, so they’re already courting the kids.

The fact is, “Akira” is such an epic story, it’s ridiculous to even think about translating it into a single movie. At the very least, it has to be two films, shot similar to Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” movies, with the first part setting up the second.

Over at Collider, producer Andrew Lazar says as much, including the news that a new writer has been brought onboard, and that “conceptualization” on the film has begun. He also confirms that the film will be in two parts, with volumes 1 through 3 of the original manga making up the first movie, and volumes 4 through 6 going into the second film.

Whatever happens, they absolutely must have the Clown motorcycle fight at the beginning. Without that, why even bother?