Alex Cross Reboot Gets a Huge Dose of Sassiness

Not content to rule the world with movies about sassy black women for his legion of sassy black audience, Tyler Perry is now primed to dominate the super crime solver genre as the new Alex Cross in “I, Alex Cross”, a reboot of the James Patterson character originally played by Morgan Freeman in “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider”. One assumes this Alex Cross will be sassier than usual.

The character was previously announced in a reboot with Idris Elba as a possible star, but given the choice between the still relatively unknown Elba and the very well known Perry, you can sorta understand why this was such a no-brainer for the studio.

Perry, creator of the unfathomably popular Medea character and about two dozen or so sitcoms on TBS, has only appeared in movies where he was also the creative force in the background — all except for a brief role in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” reboot.

Patterson’s “I, Alex Cross” pits the hero against a serial killer who is praying on high-priced call girls, with the case hitting closer to home than usual when one of Cross’ family members up dead at the hands of the killer, and another one targeted.

Rob Cohen is expected to direct.