Alex Proyas Getting AMP’ed for Summit

Whenever Alex Proyas attaches himself to a movie, I’m instantly intrigued. When that movie turns out to be a sci-fi actioner with a groovy premise, I go from intrigued to fanboy giddy. Granted, Proyas’ “I, Robot” could have been better, but I’m still holding out hope that one day, given the right material, he can once again reclaim the glory of “The Crow” and “Dark City”. Let’s all hope, shall we?

Word has Proyas producing and directing a movie adaptation of “AMP”, an upcoming novel by Daniel H. Wilson, who is currently a hot commodity coming off Steven Spielberg boarding a movie version of another one of his upcoming novels, “Robopocalypse”, which as we speak is being drafted into a script by Drew Goddard (“Cloverfield”). The plan is for Spielberg to direct “Robopocalypse”, about a robot uprising, sometime in 2012 for a 2013 release date.

“AMP”, meanwhile, is also set in a near-future, this one revolving around technology that was designed to make the disabled whole, but has instead turned them into supermen. Complications, we presume, ensue.

Wilson is currently writing the novel as we speak, with Summit planning to hire a screenwriter to adapt his pages into a screenplay even as he bangs away at the typewriter. Proyas will direct the film in his native Australia with “a modest budget”.