Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost May Have Just Been Lost (Ahem)

Legendary Pictures LogoWord coming out of Deadline is that Legendary Pictures, the money people financing “Dark City” director Alex Proyas’ would-be big-budget epic big-screen spectacular of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” have balked at the idea of spending more than $120 million to make the CGI-heavy film.

“Paradise Lost” has already been delayed once, the start date moved from the previously announced January 2012 in order to work on the budget in an attempt to bring it down to $120 or thereabouts. When that didn’t work, Legendary has now apparently said “Adios” and left Proyas and “Paradise Lost” to fend for themselves.

Unless, of course, it can bring the budget down some more, or Proyas can find a new home for the movie. Either way, don’t expect to see those winged Angels fighting for our existence at a mall theater anytime soon.

Had it happened (or when it eventually happens), “Paradise Lost” would star Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, Benjamin Walker as the archangel Michael, with Diego Boneta and Camilla Belle as Adam and Eve, respectively.

Paradise Lost Book Cover