Alex Proyas’ Paradise Lost Will be Lost Just a Little Bit Longer

Paradise Lost (2013) Movie Concept Artwork

Originally slated to begin production sometime in January of next year, Alex Proyas’ big-budget, epic action adaptation of the John Milton poem “Paradise Lost” has been delayed thanks to a ballooning budget that the studio didn’t feel like paying for.

“Paradise Lost” isn’t dead or anything, so don’t fret, fans of poems brought to epic, action movie life. Nope. Instead, Legendary, the company footing the bill, will just be trying to bring the film’s estimated production budget of $120 million down by 10-15% percent or thereabouts. The culprit for the high budget? Extensive green screen work, which seems like a no-brainer given that we’ll be dealing with warring angels and what have you. I’m guessing it’ll look a little bit something like what went on with the God/Titan battles of “Immortals”.

All sides expect the film to continue on location in Australia once the budget is lowered a tad, with Bradley Cooper and Benjamin Walker starring, along with Diego Boneta and Camilla Belle (below) as Adam and Eve. Also in the cast: Callan McAuliffe, Djimon Hounsou, Sam Reid, and Proyas’ “Dark City” star Rufus Sewell.

The film pits angels Michael and Lucifer against one another with the fate of mankind in the balance.

Camilla Belle

Via : Deadline