Alex Proyas Talks Crow Remake, Dracula: Year Zero

Alex Proyas’ got a new movie with Nicolas Cage coming out called “Knowing”, which looks pretty good, but that’s another topic. What we’re really interested in is what Alex Proyas has to say about the upcoming “Crow” remake with Stephen Norrington, plus that interesting news that he’ll be directing a movie called “Dracula: Year Zero”, a medieval epic that will trace the birth of the man who would become Dracula, blood sucker and biggest enemy of married men everywhere, but especially in England. He seems to love the British gals most of all.

On the “Crow” remake, Proyas said this to

“I think it’s kind of premature, really,” says Proyas. “It’s seems like THE CROW is only like 15 years old maybe. It’s seems, early. (laughs) I always thought that remakes, you shouldn’t be given license to remake something for at least 25 years. I don’t know. It just seems kind of odd to me. Just re-release the original movie.”

Very diplomatic of Alex. I would have blasted the effers for daring to touch “The Crow” so soon. But hey, that’s just me.

On “Dracula: Year Zero”:

He describes his DRACULA film as a “prequel of BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA…that’s essentially a medieval epic.” Proyas is quick to mention this won’t be like other Dracula movies you’ve seen. “It’s really about the birth of the legend. So it’s set in 13th century Transylvania. It’s quite different to the movies
that have been made and the Bram Stoker story.”

“Dracula: Year Zero” sounds like a killer idea for a movie, and we all know that Alex Proyas knows how to shoot a gritty, dark film. Let’s hope it’s more “Crow” and “Dark City” than, say, “I, Robot”.

Below: Chicks dig the cape.