Alex Ross’ Rather Awesome Looking Walking Dead Season 4 Comic Con Poster


Alex Ross does cool superhero comic book covers (and occasionally, a whole book or two). But Alex Ross doing zombies? Hmm, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that before. But now I have: check out Ross’ zombie-rific poster for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” Season 4, just in time for the show’s appearance at Comic Con 2013.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Comic Con Poster by Alex Ross

Apparently this is a limited edition print that, my guess is, you’ll be able to grab for yourself if you happen to be at the geek shindig this month. Freak out your moms and dads with a cool zombie cover by one of the best artists around, kids!

As for the show, it’s set to return for its fourth outing this October, and will find Rick and company still in “the Tombs”, but with a whole new bunch of friends (and possible enemies, I’d guess). The Governor is still out there, too, so there’s that to deal with beyond the prison walls. No more Merle, though, which is a real bummer. I’d rather trade the Governor for Merle any day.

Author: Nix

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  • Lexavi80

    I guess you are referring to Daryl’s brother, Merl?

    And I agree. I would have killed Phillip (the Governor) a few episodes before end season, and promote Merl as the big ass bad guy.

    • Nix

      Indeed. They had him set up as the Governor from Day 1 and didn’t pull the trigger.

      • Dedpool

        Yeah but see that’s what people were expecting! I am kinda sad though, cause they started to redeem Merl, and then NOM NOM NOM!!! I mean he went out like a champ though.

        • Aegon the Conqueror

          This show started out good, petered out in the middle and ended so dreadfully i have a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe i could be bothered to watch the fourth season if it wasnt so damned long!
          Gimme season two.of the game anyday!

          • Dedpool

            Well it’s not over yet. I truly feel the best is yet to come. But I agree about the game!!

  • Dedpool

    Love the poster. Second one looks like cover to Creepshow!! I would’ve loved if he made some zombies out of characters that died like Merl, Andrea, and even Lori.