Alexander Skarsgard Boards Peter Berg’s Battleship

Alexander Skarsgard, vampire sheriff in “True Blood” and son of Stellan, will be fighting alien invaders alongside “Friday Night Light’s” Taylor Kitsch in Peter Berg’s “Battleship” movie, according to Heat Vision.

Skarsgard will play the brother of Kitsch’s character, the film’s lead; he’ll be the straight arrow, by-the-book bro to Kitsch’s “wildly spirited naval officer”. That basically means Skarsgard gets to do all the boring stuff, while Kitsch, who can also be seen in the upcoming “John Carter of Mars”, gets to do all the fun stuff.

Skarsgard made a name for himself in the HBO mini-series “Generation Kill”, and for a while there he was one of the finalists to land “Thor” over at Marvel Studios. Instead, he’s playing a stuck-up naval officer in “Battleship”. His turn in “True Blood” is getting a lot of raves, though, so that’s not a bad consolation prize.