Alexandre Aja And Paramount Want To Remake Pet Sematary

The first time I saw “Pet Sematary” in 1989 I was twelve years old. My older sister had a slumber party and I sat down to watch a VHS copy of the movie in a dark room full of teenage girls. Already well versed in horror films, as well as Stephen King, I knew what to expect. They didn’t. I lasted like ten minutes. When the semi runs down Gage, and his tiny little shoe rolls across the screen in slow motion, I lost it and burst out laughing (that probably says things about me that I shouldn’t be sharing in a public forum, but whatever). You’ve never seen a group of adolescent girls get so mad. Holy crap they were pissed. They pummeled me until I fled the room, left to watch the movie by myself the next morning.

This story has nothing to do with anything, but I haven’t thought about that memory in years until today, now that it has being reported that Paramount wants to remake “Pet Sematary”, with French director Alexandre Aja (“Piranha 3D”, “Haute Tension”) at the helm.

I like Aja. “Piranha 3D” was hands down my favorite movie last year, and, until one of the worst twists in movie history, “Haute Tension” was a great horror movie. He certainly does have a thing for big-budget Hollywood remakes of beloved, low-budget films. I certainly wish he’d stick to original stuff, maybe breathe some life into the genre and fulfill some of the potential many of us saw in him right out of the gate, but even so, the finished products aren’t terrible, just unnecessary.

No matter what happens I’m sure I will watch a “Pet Sematary” remake. I’ll hate myself a little afterwards, but that’s never stopped me before.