Alexandre Aja Biting into Vampire/Action Comic Book Movie Undying Love

Alexandre AjaLast we heard concerning Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman’s “Undying Love” comic book, it had been optioned by Warner Bros. to turn into a movie. The latest news on the comic’s movie adaptation finds the studio in negotiations with “Piranha” director Alexandre Aja to get behind the camera of the vampire story.

Written and drawn by Coker and co-written by Freedman, “Undying Love” is the story of Sargent, an American commando who travels to Hong Kong with Mei, a beautiful Chinese vampire who he runs across during one of his missions. Instead of killing her like he should (she is a bloodsucker, after all), Sargent instead falls in love, and sets on a course to Hong Kong where he intends to kill the powerful vampire who sired Mei, thus releasing her of her vampiric curse. This, of course, pits Sargent against a legion of vampires, but our man is up to the task. Or at least, he has the ammunition to give it the good ol American try.

Aja famously burst onto the scene in his native France with the slasher film “High Tension”, parlaying that into a Hollywood career with the likes of “The Hills Have Eyes”, “Mirrors”, and more recently, the killer fish movie “Piranha”.

“Undying Love” is not exactly a gag-a-minute movie, so hopefully Aja will bring more “High Tension” than “Piranha” to the film adaptation.

Undying Love Comic Book Cover

Via : Deadline