Alexandre Aja Grows Some Horns

Alexandre Aja“Piranha” director Alexandre Aja is getting a little horny.

The director has signed on to direct “Horns” for Mandalay Pictures. Based on a novel by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King, FYI), “Horns” follows a man who “wakes up with a massive hangover and discovers horns sprouting from his head. He becomes convinced that their existence is tied to the unsolved murder of his girlfriend.”

Aja, coming off the guilty pleasure killer fish movie “Piranha”, will direct the film from a script by Scott Bunin, with production set for late spring or early summer 2012.

The French Aja, who really bust loose with the slasher film “High Tension” way back in 2003, also has the sci-fi action-adventure “Cobra: The Space Pirate” in the wings. He won’t be climbing onboard the big-screen adaptation of the animated property until he finishes up with “Horns”, though.

Horns Novel Cover

Via : THR