Alexia Fast Will Set Up Jack Reacher in One Shot

You can add another name to Christopher McQuarrie’s upcoming adaptation of the Lee Child novel “One Shot”, which will star Tom Cruise as an ex-MP name Jack Reacher who runs afoul of some Russian tough guys after a former acquaintance of his goes on a shooting spree. Okay, so acquaintance is a pretty generous description. Reacher basically hates his guts.

THR reports that “Triple Dog” actress Alexia Fast has landed the role of Sandy, a spunky young local gal who takes part in a set-up of our hero. Reacher, as he is wont to do, of course turns that around. You don’t set up Jack Reacher, you can only hope to contain him.

She joins Cruise, Rosamund Pike as the love interest, and Richard Jenkins as a D.A. prosecuting the shooter. David Oyelowo was also previously cast as a cop.

Look for McQuarrie’s “One Shot” in 2013.

Alexia Fast