ALF The Movie Crashlands at Sony

ALF TV SeriesALF? That would be Alien Life Form to you. Or Gordon Shumway as his friends call him. Highly improbable that an alien would be named Gordon Shumway, you say? What, and the fact that he’s an English-speaking furry alien with a huge nose who likes to eat cats is just perfectly fine?

That’s right, fans of ’80s sitcoms, Sony Pictures Animation has acquired the film rights to the TV show “ALF”, with plans to turn it into a feature-length film that combines CG and live-action ala “The Smurfs”. To that end, producer Jordan Kerner, who ushered forth the highly successful “Smurfs” movie, will be taking lead on this one as well for the studio.

ALF, of course, was an orange alien furball who lived with the Tanners while hiding out from the Guv’ment intent on discovering his existence. The show ran for four seasons and produced over 100 episodes in the late ’80s, and I have to say, it was one of my childhood favorites. The whole thing was obviously silly, but what the hell did I know back then? It’s perfect for a kids movie.

Paul Fusco, who provided the voice of ALF on the TV show, is expected back to do the honors for the big-screen movie. Which makes sense, as long as the voice doesn’t change, it wouldn’t matter how old he was. The fact that they’re making ALF completely CG is a bit disappointing, but I guess kids nowadays wouldn’t be able to swallow Henson-type puppets in their movies, which is a crying shame.

“ALF” the show co-starred Max Wright as the head of the Tanner household, and co-starred Anne Schedeen, Andrea Elson, and Benji Gregory.

Via : THR