Ali Larter to Headline Resident Evil 4?

Well if this turns out to be true, it’ll certainly be pretty good news. I have nothing against Milla Jovovich, except for the fact that she has a one-note personality in just about every movie she’s been in, especially when given a sword or gun or a baton to swing around. That’s not her fault, it’s just who she is. The girl is limited in range, what can you say. But Ali Larter? If you’ve seen her on Heroes, you know she can stretch those good looks into actual acting skills, and I wouldn’t mind it one bit if the powers that be decide to kill off Alice (Jovovich’s character in the “Resident Evil” movies) and hand the franchise over to Larter, who plays Claire Redfield in the upcoming “Resident Evil: Extinction” movie.

The rumors of Larter taking over for Jovovich originated from here:

Actress Ali Larter says she has “heard whispers” of a fourth “Resident Evil” film. The next chapter may spin off from the Alice arc and instead focus on Claire Redfield. “We’ll see come Monday, right?” Larter said at today’s press day in Las Vegas referring, of course, to the box office results for Resident Evil: Extinction which opens tonight at midnight.

Again, I have nothing against Jovovich, but she just never brought all that much to the party, as it were. The ass kicking chick thing that she does is getting stale.

“Resident Evil: Extinction” opens today.

Ali Larter to Headline Resident Evil 4?