Alice and Co. Welcomes You Back to the World of the Resident Evil: Retribution Teaser Trailer


Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Movie Image

Milla Jovovich, with a little help from her friends (the live and undead ones), once again takes on those rascals at the evil Umbrella Corporation that started this whole planet zombie mess in the first place. Will she win? Probably not, though I suspect she’ll get her knocks in, at least enough to continue on with a sixth installment if “Resident Evil: Retribution” brings in the money like the last film. Who would think the franchise would still have life (ahem) after four installments? We’ll find out if there’s life after the fifth one. Until then, get a good gander at the 3D action spectacular that is the “Resident Evil: Retribution” teaser trailer, which looks more like an actual video game cut scene than a movie. Was that the point?

The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus continues to ravage the Earth, transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead. The human race’s last and only hope, Alice (Milla Jovovich), awakens in the heart of Umbrella’s most clandestine operations facility and unveils more of her mysterious past as she delves further into the complex. Without a safe haven, Alice continues to hunt those responsible for the outbreak; a chase that takes her from Tokyo to New York, Washington, D.C. and Moscow, culminating in a mind-blowing revelation that will force her to rethink everything that she once thought to be true. Aided by newfound allies and familiar friends, Alice must fight to survive long enough to escape a hostile world on the brink of oblivion. The countdown has begun.

Also starring Kevin Durand, Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Johann Urb, Bingbing Li, Shawn Roberts, Boris Kodjoe, Colin Salmon, and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Demanding retribution September 14, 2012.

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    Im so confused about these movies now – like what is the new one about? like when is the human race finally going to win?

    • Dedpool

      We won’t win, we will survive. And the synopsis is right above. After the fight that happened (was alluded to be about to happen) at the end of the last film Alice was captured. She’ll break free and join up with leon Kennedy and co to fight what’s left of Umberella. Nuff Said!

  • Lexavi80

    Do I detect time travel on this one?

  • Dominique Hatcher

    I think we can call “bingo” on the flashbacks. I’m still not completely ruling out clones popping up too though.

    • Dedpool

      Yup I’m on the clone train too.

  • Anonymous

    Music sounds familiar. Not the who part, but after. Kind of Hans Zimmer-eee. Wonder who the composer is?

    Nice trailer though. I see Sony paid for most of it.

    • theguest

      The music is from Tron: Legacy

  • X_p

    perfect trailer. im on board … i really dont care what its about.

  • Waldo

    i’m sure this will be an entertaining movie to watch, even though it won’t be that good :P

  • Zero-shot

    lol this isnt Resident Evil..what the hell has this film turned into now? its like a sci-fi.

    • Dedpool

      Cause you know there’s nothing sci-fi about the games at all. Nope Not at all.

  • Dedpool

    That it is. The games aren’t even the same genre as they began. They were survival-horror, and now their action-horror. They used to be all about secret conspiracies and genetic mutation, now the genetic mutation is the weapon of bio-terrorists. Personally aftyer the 2nd movie I always saw this movie franchise as the extreme of where the story could go. If Leon, Carlos, Chris, Claire, and Jill weren’t able to prevent the events of the games.

  • Will

    ”lol this isnt Resident Evil..what the hell has this film turned into now? its like a sci-fi.”

    Sorry, but the Game Resident Evil disappointed me when undead ( no zombies) became a kind of Rambo.
    Its about weapon of bio- terrorists, but really i still prefer my old friends just walking and trying to kill biting me. Now i dont care about whts going up in theses movies anymore.

    One thing that people must understand is: this is Alice story not about Ada, Leon, Chris, Claire… etcs All of them had their own time in Games . I see people talking about ” This movie isn’t even look like Resident Evil”. So many bad points in every movie they have made. But a really fan of horror movies, is always there in the movie theater just to see one more time.