Alice Eve is a Marvel Girl. But What Role Will she Play?

Better question: is this just a lame excuse to post a really hot picture of a really hot actress? Well, yeah, pretty much. But there is some news value to this post, too, like, uh, Alice Eve (the hot girl out of everyone’s league in “She’s Out of My League”) has been signed on to a Marvel contract to play someone in some movie.

According to Avengers News, who quotes an unnamed source, Eve recently signed her mysterious deal with Marvel Studios, and may be up for one of these roles: Sharon Carter, Carol Danvers, Enchantress and Shanna.

Plus, that Kevin Pennington guy is also up for some roles, too, possibly one of these characters: Daniel Rand (Iron Fist), Rick Jones, Robert Reynolds (Sentry) and Ka-Zar.

Yeah, lots of maybes, mights, and howzabouts there.

One thing is certain, though: Alice Eve is smoking.