Alice Eve is Young Emma Thompson in Men in Black III

Will Smith was promoting “Men in Black 3” way back in June of 2010, but apparently the film is still having, er, “issues” with the script. No matter — you can now add Alice Eve (“She’s out of my League”) to the time-traveling third installment of the lucrative sci-fi franchise.

In the film, Eve will play Olivia, the 1960s/younger version of Emma Thompson’s character. In the film’s present timeline, Thompson is the new head of the Men in Black (we presume Rip Torn was, er, otherwise too preoccupied to reprise his role from the first two movies), while back in the past, she was a lowly (though “whip smart”) secretary.

“Men in Black 3” sees Will Smith’s Agent J time-traveling back into the past to team up with a younger version of Agent K (Josh Brolin) to save the day. Tommy Lee Jones will also be back as the older Agent K, and if Jones is to be believed, he’s almost done shooting his part for the sequel.

This, despite reports that the script for “Men in Black 3” is still being “honed”. Nevertheless, the Barry Sonnenfeld-directed third installment expects to make its May 25, 2012 release date.

Alice Eve in She's Out of my League (2010) Movie Image