Alice Eve out of X-Men First Class, but Not the Marvel Superhero Biz


Alice EveSo why did the very shapely Alice Eve get replaced on Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class” by “Mad Men’s” equally shapely January Jones? As it turns out, it was Eve’s idea. Or at least, Eve’s and her management team’s, which is essentially the same as saying her management team convinced her she had to dump that zero and get with the hero, or something to that effect I’m sure.

CBM‘s sources within the bowels of Marvel Studios tells them that Eve asked to be released from her obligations to play Emma Frost aka the White Queen, whose character had apparently been re-written to Eve’s (aka her management team’s) dissatisfaction. And since it’s smarter to let go of an unhappy actor then to keep them around to taint the pool, Fox smartly obliged and swapped in January Jones, which, let’s face it, ain’t a bad replacement choice. Jones is quite gorgeous herself, and would easily slip into Emma Frost’s (non)costume.

But cry not for the gorgeous Alice Eve. According to CBM, the actress is being considered for Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman in Fox’s “Fantastic Four” reboot, and has apparently already snagged a villainous role in Marvel’s epic team superhero movie “The Avengers”, where she’ll be playing a female villain “most notably featured in Thor comic story lines”. It’s apparently a minor role, but would tie in “The Avengers” with the “Thor” movie.

That last part sounds a lot like … The Enchantress (below)?

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Yummy! ALice Eve as Amora the Enchantress? I can dig that. But please don’t put her in the FF remake. Please.

  • Nix

    She’s definitely way too hot to be playing a woman who is so shy she’s practically “invisible”.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Most definitely. That part needs to be someone cute, but not ridiculously hot. Amanda Seyfried could work. I mean technically she’s smoking hot, but can pull off cute too!

  • ULIK

    I think Marvel Studios is smart enough to find a way to snag Alice Eve so that she can’t also be Sue Richards at the same time while also being The Enchantress. Also I doubt her management team will want to hurt her career with working on another FOX cbm(FFReborn) after they clearly didn’t like the direction they were going with X-MFC. She’d be an INCREDIBLE Enchantress and that could lead to a multi-picture deal being that there could multiple Thor movies.

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    Yes PLEASE! Enchatress Vs Sif for the win!!!

  • Bad Zack

    id like to see erin andrews in movies

  • Lalathisisfake

    MMMM,put her in that enchantress costume, no changes.