Alien Invasion Flick Skyline Might Get a Sequel After All

Skyline (2010) Movie Image

If you saw brothers/co-directors Greg and Colin Strause’s 2010 alien invasion movie “Skyline,” then you know that the ending of the film sets up a sequel. Not a terrible surprise, I know. These days, every genre film is almost expected to launch a franchise or, as is the fashion, a trilogy. “Skyline” was no different.

Unfortunately a sequel never happened, even though the film did earn $66 million worldwide from a relatively cheap $10 million budget. While that may sound like a lot, the movie was heavily promoted beyond its budget, so $66 really wasn’t that much. And so, we never really found out what happened to the two main characters played by Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson.

But maybe we’ll finally find out when director Liam O’Donnell directs the sequel, “Beyond Skyline,” which is currently being sold to potential buyers (and financiers) over at Cannes. To help with the sale, they’ve put together this nice looking poster, which looks more like the cover for a sci-fi book than a sci-fi movie to me, but you gotta start somewhere:

Beyond Skyline Movie Poster

Of course, tons of movies look for funding at Frogtown every year, but not every movie gets sold or the money they need to actually get made. “Skyline” wasn’t exactly a cult classic, though I liked it well enough. They did a pretty bang up job with $10 million, especially considering today’s crazy $100-million plus budgets. (Why the hell did “White House Down” cost $150 million again?)

Interested parties should check out the film’s Facebook page.

Check out the original trailer for “Skyline” below in case you’ve already forgotten about it. It’s only been a few years ago, but for whatever reason, alien invasion movies were in then. In about a 2-year span, there were at least a half dozen big-budget alien invasion movies that I could recall, with another half dozen being prepped, but eventually abandoned when none of the movies already released tanked one after another.

Via : Empire