Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector’s Edition PS3 Review

Aliens-colonial-marines BAnner

Well after being in video game developmental hell for almost 8 years, “Aliens: Colonial Marines” has finally been released.  This game is being touted at the “Canonical sequel to the James Cameron classic.”  Now as a whole the “Alien” franchise (the Original 4 films) aren’t what I would call “classic films” (aside from the 1979 original).  But the mythos and the possibilities of the series were immense (part of this has been shown in the off-shoot 2012 film “Prometheus”)  Now I know this game has been universally panned pretty much, so I will keep my actual “Game Review” pretty short and sweet.  This is a review to show you if this collector’s edition is worth the extra $40 ($99.99 Retail).  So here we go onto the goodies…

Aliens CE

The Extras

Ok…Now you can see them in the pic but I am going to go into detail about each item….

Additional DLC:  This is what I received with my CE.  I received 4 Movie characters for Multiplayer Mode (Cpl. “Eat This” Hicks, Pvt. “You look how I feel” Drake, Pvt. “Game Over MAN!!” Hudson, and Sgt. “Look into my eye!” Apone).  Also, you receive another DLC pack with “The Firing Range” level, as well as additional Marine customization for Multiplayer, more weapons featuring Ripley’s Flamethrower, Phased Plasma Rifle (is not in the 40-watt range) and Sonic electronic ball breakers (which are awesome).

Collector’s Edition “Xeno-Hive” This is very disappointing…but all it is is a clear plastic sleeve with Xeno’s crawling all over it that fits over the box…essentially they marked the box as a collector’s edition incentive (which would be fine it is was metal with the plastic sleeve over it…but a paper box and a plastic sleeve…disappointing.

Powerloader Figure:  This is a nice piece, not as big as I would like (about 8 inches tall) but the details are great and it is a fairly sturdy figure (that COULD NOT have been said for the AVP CE “Facehugger” which basically broke as I opened the package)

USOM Dossier: This is an actual (albeit smaller sized) envelope with your Marine Recruitment Card, Marine Graduation Diploma (I shit you not), USS Sephora Schematic, LV-426 Recon Photos, 2 iron on patches, and a Mission Brief (on some gnarly 80’s dot-matrix printer paper).


The Game

I know I am a minority…but I HATE first person shooters.  Part of the reason I purchased this game was to see if I would even like them, my only enjoyable experiences with a first person shooter has been the “AVP” game that came out 4 years ago and the “Resistance” series, which was badass.  Without spoilers and repeating what other reviewers have said, the game controls are nice, the game is very “Aliens” looking and does atmosphere perfect, but your A.I. partners and enemies are borderline mentally handicapped.  The Multiplayer is nice and you get to play as BOTH Marines and Xenomorphs (Aliens for the uninitiated, which have a STEEP learning curve).  All in all, with my limited experience with FPS’s , it’s an overall fun game and very satisfying for fans of the film series.



The Overall Package

I think this game is a victim of a long wait and HIGH expectation.  As far as movie licensed games go, this one is a success in my opinion.  They don’t muck with TOO much (and what they do is forgivable).  For CE nuts (Like myself) I don’t feel I wasted the extra $40 on this…I got 2 DLC packs and some nifty souvenirs as well as a kickass powerloader statue/figure (which would of cost me $20-$30 easy at a hobby shop).  If you have the extra cash or are a die hard “Aliens” fans this is for you.  If you are an experienced shooter fan looking for the next GREAT shooter…you may want to wait until the price drops.  In closing, I am not disappointed and I don’t think you will either.  GAME ON!

Aliens Colonial Marines Collector's Edition Game Cover