All Signs Point to Mad Max: Fury Road Shooting Very Soon

Mad Max (1979) Movie PosterAs long as it’s taken George Miller to get that “Mad Max” sequel, “Fury Road” finally up and running (with dozens of starts and delays and cancellations in-between), I’ve become somewhat pessimistic that it will ever get made. As such, whenever I hear rumors of the production starting up, an eye roll is not out of the question.

But if you can believe it, it sure sounds like “Fury Road” is very much happening — and very soon, too.

The last time we had an update on “Fury Road”, new Mad Max guy Tom Hardy was talking about how he was growing out his beard for the production. That was last month. Today, though, comes word that “Fury Road’s” female lead, Charlize Theron, was seen out and about … with a shaved head. Or shaved-ish, I guess.

So why the new look? According to E! Online, it’s for her role in George Miller’s “Fury Road”:

Charlize was spotted Thursday dining in West Hollywood with a full buzz cut and ETOnline can confirm the loss of locks is for her new role in Mad Max: Fury Road. The film reboot of the 1979 classic also stars Tom Hardy, who reprises Mel Gibson’s original role of Mad Max Rockatansky.

Well there you go. If Charlize Theron is already committed to the start of production that she’s taken shears to her gorgeous locks, that’s gotta mean the film is shooting very soon. I guess this also means she’s done doing the promo rounds for “Prometheus”…

You can check out pics of Theron with her new look over at JustJared.

Charlize Theron in Prometheus (2012) Movie Promo Image