All Sorts of Craziness Awaits Those Who Believe in These Hong Kong Ghost Stories

Hong Kong Ghost Stories (2011) Movie PosterThere’s a lot of kooky stuff going down in the trailer for directors Wong Jing and Patrick Kong’s upcoming horror flick “Hong Kong Ghost Stories”, which, according to the trailer, is the “return of Hong Kong horror”. That’s a pretty bold statement, especially from Wong Jing, a man who delivers outrageously cheesy movies on a fairly consistent basis. As insane as everything looks, my absolute favorite part of the trailer involves the “weirdos on tour”. That description alone will make me watch this. Yes, I’m that discerning when it comes to Asian horror.

Here’s what the flick is supposed to be about:

Directors Wong Jing and Patrick Kong are working together for the first time to bring a ghost horror Hong Kong movies. The 2-part horror stories starts with the spooky and unexplained incidents in a school and the second story is about the ghostly encounter of a group of friend on vacation.

“Hong Kong Ghost Stories”, which stars Jennifer Tse, Chrissy Chau, Stephy Tang, and Him Law, opens on October 27th, 2011. The trailer for said picture resides below.

Hong Kong Ghost Stories (2011) Movie Poster

Via : Film Smash