All the Cool TV Kids Want to be Captain America… has gotten their hands on a list of potential candidates that Marvel Studios is currently testing for the lead in their “The First Avenger: Captain America”. To no one’s surprise, a lot of the names are unknown TV actors, and even the known ones are only known if you watch girly TV shows, which would make you kind of girly. Deadline also says Marvel is once again being tight with the purse strings, which means the actor who gets the gig will be signed on for multiple films while getting very little upfront. As Terrence Howard can tell you, Marvel tends to be cheap bastards. And in this case, they can afford to be: a role as Captain America is the kind of role that makes careers.

The actors currently being tested for “Captain America” include the ones listed below. They are by no means the entire list, but Deadline seems to think these are the top contenders. Note: I’ve used the most “action” pics of each candidate I could find.

Chace Crawford (“Gossip Girl”)
John Krasinski (“The Office”)
Scott Porter (“Friday Night Lights”)
Patrick Flueger (“Brothers”)
Michael Cassidy (“Privileged”)
Mike Vogel (“Cloverfield”)