All Tom Cruise Needs is Kill

All You Need is Kill Novel CoverLooks like Tom Cruise is jumping feet-first into the sci-fi epic arena. With a starring role in Joseph Kosinski’s “Oblivion” (aka “Horizon”) coming up next (he’ll have to wrap the Jack Reacher movie “One Shot” first), Cruise has now officially attached himself as the star of “All You Need is Kill”.

The movie, based on the novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, would find Cruise playing a green army recruit in the far future who joins up during a time of war. Humanity is fighting a seemingly unstoppable alien species that intends to wipe them out and colonize the Earth. In a “Groundhog Day” twist, the recruit finds himself stuck in a time loop where he wakes up in the same day after being killed in battle. And like Bill Murray’s character in that film, after some trial and error, the recruit eventually grows as a soldier with each battle, until he becomes a killing machine to be reckon with.

The character in the book is actually a much younger man than Tom Cruise (who is in his ’40s), which means a lot of tweaking is now underway on the “All You Need is Kill” script to accommodate the star. Doug Liman, who was attached to direct at the very beginning and for a while was making moves to depart the film, seems to be back onboard to direct.

Now here’s hoping they get someone really, really good for Rita Vrataski. While Cruise’s character is of course the star, it’s the Rita character that really slays in the book. Of course, they could have changed all that for the movie version, so who knows.

With “Oblivion” set for a 2012 shoot, look for “All You Need is Kill” to gear up in either late 2012 or early 2013 at the earliest.

Tom Cruise

Via : Variety