All You Need Is Kill May Have Killed Warner’s Three Musketeers

Doug Liman is currently thinking about signing on to direct Warner Bros.’s sci-fi actioner “All You need is Kill”, which may end up killing, or at least putting in suspended animation Warner’s planned version of “The Three Musketeers”, it’s dueling project with Summit’s own version of the famed story. The Summit version, with Paul W.S. Anderson behind the camera, is well ahead of its Warner rival, with casting almost completely done. I never got the whole logic behind having dueling projects, and apparently Warner may be having second thoughts as well.

And besides, “All You Need is Kill” sounds a hell of a lot better, or at least, more original than yet another retread of the Dumas story. How many has there been now, a couple of hundred versions in the States alone? Here’s the plot of the much cooler sounding “All You Need is Kill”:

The story is told from the first person point of view of the protagonist Keiji Kiriya. Keiji is a new recruit in the United Defense Force, fighting against the mysterious creatures called ‘Mimics’ which have laid siege to Earth. Keiji is killed on his first sortie, but through some inexplicable phenomenon wakes up having returned to the day before the battle, only to find himself caught in a time loop as his death and resurrection repeats time and time again. Keiji’s skills as a soldier grows as he passes through the time loops trying to change his fate.

Sounds good, right? Sorta like “Groundhog Day”, but with aliens and lasers and war. Oh my.

Doug Liman is coming off his vanity project “Fair Game” which, let’s face it, ain’t gonna do a whole lot anywhere, but it sure will make Dougie and his Hollywood pals feel better now that he’s taken his shots at Bush et al and those evil Republicans.

“All You Need is Kill” will be based on the novel of the same name by Japanese sci-fi writer Hiroshi Sakurazaka, and Warner apparently paid through the nose for it, so they’re keen to get it started. And since Liman’s supposed next project is Warner’s “Three Musketeers” movie, it should be relatively easy for them to convince him to do “Kill” instead.

Of course, Warner could also move Liman over to “Kill” and put someone else behind “Musketeers” if they’re still insistent on dueling with Summit, though I gotta wonder, why?