Allen Hughes to Direct Remake of Korean Crime Film A Bittersweet Life

Byung-hun Lee in A Bittersweet Life (2005) Movie Image

If you have yet to see South Korean director Jee-woon Kim’s 2005 crime flick “A Bittersweet Life”, get thee to Amazon and buy a copy now. You’ll thank me later. The stylish film made a real splash, and has been tuned up for a Hollywood remake for some time now. Looks like it’s finally getting off the block, with Allen Hughes now officially boarding the film as director.

Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes in From Hell (2001) Movie ImageThe original starred “G.I. Joe’s” Byung-hun Lee as a mob enforcer who also moonlights as a hotel manager owned by his boss. When our hero is tasked with ensuring that his boss’ mistress isn’t doing the forbidden tango with another man, all manner of complications ensue. Pretty soon, our hero is double-crossed, eventually leading him to set off on a bloody quest for vengeance. Bodies fall, bullets are discharged, and bad guys are dispatched.

The original film was stylish and violent, with a fantastic grave scene in the rain. Hughes, who along with his brother Albert, has directed some stylish crime films of their own (“From Hell”, “Dead Presidents”, as well as their breakthrough film, the low-budget “Menace II Society”) and could certainly do the remake justice.

Hughes is coming off the political thriller “Broken City” with Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe. He will direct the remake for Fox and New Regency, who have fast-tracked the film.

The original film’s director, Jee-woon Kim has since begun his Hollywood career, directing the Arnold Schwarzenegger actionfest “The Last Stand”. That film looks like a standard action movie, a far cry from his usual South Korean output, on films like “A Bittersweet Life”, “A Tale of Two Sisters”, and the film that really got him noticed overseas, the critically acclaimed “I Saw the Devil”.

Here’s a look at a trailer for the 2005 South Korean original:

Via : Deadline