Alysson Paradis’ French Horror Inside Coming to U.S.

Alysson Paradis in Inside (2007) Movie Image

Yesterday I brought you news about a new French horror film called “Inside”. (Check here for more images, trailers, and other goodies.) The movie is supposed to be pretty brutal and very bloody, and is about a pregnant woman who survives a car accident only to get attacked by another woman determined to cut her unborn baby out of her womb. Ouch. Today Fangoria reports that The Weinstein Company has purchased U.S. rights to “Inside”, and plans to release it in 2008.

I just hope the Weinsteins don’t screw it up the way Luc Besson is blaming them for fubar’ing his “Arthur and the Invisibles”. Then again, Besson is kinda a grouchy French ass, so who knows about that one.