Amanda Seyfried Out of Snyder’s Sucker Punch?

Yes, according to Entertainment Weekly, who says that Amanda Seyfried’s commitment to the HBO show Big Love is keeping her from starring in Zack Snyder’s R-rated babefest about institutionalized girls who fantasizes about leaving their situation for an alternate reality. This, one presumes, involves a lot of slow-motion, CGI, and some gratuitous T&A from the lovely ladies of the cast.

Says EW:

EW has learned that the actress, best known for her singing-and-dancing role in Mamma Mia, won’t be starring in Zack Snyder’s 1960s-set, R-rated action fantasy Sucker Punch for Warner Bros. Seyfried was offered the lead role of Baby Doll, a young woman who has been committed to an insane asylum and fantasizes about escaping with the help of her fellow inmates. But with shooting scheduled for the fall, HBO won’t release her from her Big Love commitment, which will be in the middle of filming its fourth season. No word yet on who Snyder will find as her replacement.

Besides Big Love, a show about love, and how it’s really, you know, big and stuff, Seyfried will co-star as the “plain” girl opposite Megan Fox in the horror-comedy “Jennifer’s Body”. Megan Fox’s body is the “Body” of the title. Happy, happy, joy joy.