Amazon’s Zombieland TV Series is D.O.A. (And It’s Probably All Your Fault)

Kirk Ward, Tyler Ross, Maiara Walsh and Izabela Vidovic in ZOMBIELAND

This is interesting. As you’ll recall, Amazon recently launched a series of pilots that they premiered exclusively on their site for fans to watch for free, with the most highly-rated/watched shows getting a series order from the fledgling content provider. “Zombieland” was one such show.

Now, I thought the show had promise, but I didn’t think it was really that great. I thought it was okay, mind you, and if I had done a review of it, I would have said it was okay in that review. But here’s the thing: I was never really one of the movie’s biggest fans. Yes, I know, you kids love it, but I thought it was only okay.

Okay, so, what’s about the Amazon series? Well, it didn’t get picked up, unfortunately, so no “Zombieland” TV series for you!

Here’s Rhett Reese, one of the writers/creators of the “Zombieland” movie and the TV series making the announcement on Twitter:

Well that sucks for the folks who really loved the franchise and dug the series pilot.

So why didn’t the show bring in that fanbase the creators were counting on? Reese has a theory:

He’s got a point: if you’re a diehard “Zombieland” fan, why all the hate? I’m only a middling fan (an “okay” fan, if you will), and even I took the time to watch it. How many “diehard” fans out there didn’t even bother to watch it online for free?

Now, I could be wrong, but my guess is it was the lack of interest from viewers that made Amazon pass. I get the feeling Amazon would not have passed if lots of people watched the pilot and didn’t like it (and reviewed it as such), as long as people were watching the pilot. But hey, I could be wrong. Regardless, the result is the same:

The “Zombieland” TV series is D.O.A.