Amber Heard as Sue Storm in Fantastic Four Reboot? Probably Not.

But since it’s Sunday, and you probably don’t have all that much to do with your precious time anyway, why not spend a couple of minutes indulging in a little unsubstantiated speculation?

Previously, we had heard that Alice Eve was setting up to play Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman in Fox’s reboot of the “Fantastic Four” franchise, which was why she had voluntarily dropped out of Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class”. Today CBM is floating another name for the role — Amber Heard, soon to be seen in John Carpenter’s “The Ward”, and previously in “The Stepfather” remake.

Which would actually make more sense in terms of casting “feel”. Heard is pretty, but not gorgeous, whereas Alice Eve simply doesn’t fit the role in the least. We are talking about a character who is so inherently shy that when she gains powers, it’s to become “invisible”. Heard could probably pull that off.

Apparently also in the running for the reboot, that Kevin Pennington guy, who seems to have made a career out of linking himself to various Marvel Studios characters and movies and dropping these rumors off at places like CBM, etc. He’s now being talked about as playing the Human Torch, originally played by Chris Evans (since gone to pick up the shield and stripes in “Captain America”).

And finally, the Thing will be completely CG in the reboot.

Or at least, that’s the word. And as we all know, the bird is the word.