AMC Adds Sci-Fi to its Slate with Area 51

Area 51 An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base Book CoverWell, there’s one thing I can say about this: it isn’t the Syfy channel, which means whatever happens here won’t be some goofy sci-fi show ala “Warehouse 13” or one of their ridiculous “chasing UFO” or “chasing ghosts” shows. I have never seen a cable network make so much out of so little. Sheesh.

Anyhoo. The same day that they announced they’re killing “The Killing” (see what I did there?) after two seasons, cable net AMC has officially added the Gale Anne Hurd-produced sci-fi drama “Area 51” to their development slate. Hurd, who struck gold with the zombie drama “The Walking Dead” on the network, will produce, with Todd E. Kessler scripting the pilot episode.

The show will be based on author Annie Jacobsen’s non-fiction best-seller of the same name, which “revolves around the famed military installation in the world that has never been acknowledged by the U.S. government and explores the myths about the area and those who believe that region is home to aliens, underground tunnel systems and nuclear facilities. Jacobsen interviewed 19 men who served on the base and additional servicemen who were employed there.”

Jacobsen will also produce, with the show set in the 1950s and 1960s, focusing on “those who work at the base and protect the country’s secrets — including the remains of the alleged alien crash at Roswell.”

I’ve never read the Jacobsen book, so I don’t know if her conclusion is that aliens were kept there at one point, or if she debunks the whole alien myth surrounding the area. Of course, if the entire show was just about debunking kooky alien theories, it wouldn’t be all that entertaining, would it? I’m guessing they’ll use the book as a jumping off point for overt fictional sci-fi shenanigans. Otherwise, it’d just be a 2-hour debunking TV special, and what fun would that be?

Useless Trivia GifThe History Channel’s original TV series, “Ancient Aliens”, which posits that nearly every single achievement or mystery in all of human history can be traced back to alien “interference”, is currently in its fourth season (and 42 episodes later). By the way, did you know Bigfoot is actually an alien? Well, DUH.

Via : THR